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La Tribune, July 10, 2019: “Alzheimer’s disease: REGEnLIFE raises € 3 million to boost its medical device development”

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REGEnLIFE announces that it has just raised 3 M € to finance development and studies for its medical device against the Alzheimer’s disease. This medtech from Montpellier has recently been certified by Occitanie Tech Seed.

The medtech REGEnLIFE announces in La Tribune that it has just raised 3 M € from a pool of business angels and family offices. These funds come in addition to a labeling, granted  few days earlier by the Occitanie Tech Seed consortium, which allows, for one year, to raise up to € 250,000 in bonds convertible by leverage with bpifrance.

A synergy of effects

This funding allows REGEnLIFE to continue the development underway of its medical device for patients with Alzheimer’s disease: the latter consists of a helmet and an abdominal plastron, which allows the stimulation of brain and guts by photobiomodulation.

“This study allows us to better understand on which clinical aspects this technology acts because there are several parameters to take into account: neurocognitive, behavioral, biological aspects, imaging, etc. Some existing devices on market operate by transcranial magnetic stimulation, we use a static magnetic field to which we add photonics (a technology allowing to generate and control photons, light particles, editor’s note). We obtain a synergy of effects by stimulating both head and abdomen, therefore targeting the brain-gut axis, with an impact on the gut microbiota”, explains Guillaume Blivet, director and co-founder of REGEnLIFE.

This device is evaluated in a clinical pilot study conducted with the Montpellier University Hospital to validate its safety, and which should be completed by the end of the year. In the event of conclusive results, a pivotal study (equivalent to phase 3 in pharmacology) will be launched to verify its therapeutic efficacy. As such, the fundraising completed by REGEnLIFE is coupled with the creation of an investment company dedicated to medtech, called to finance the later phases of this research program until marketing.

A promising context

REGEnLIFE is one of the rare medtechs in Occitanie, to enroll in a new field of research and innovation in Health care, which is currently undergoing a rapid acceleration: the microbiota modulation (micro-organisms (bacteria, micro-fungi, viruses, etc.) living in a specific host environment (intestine, brain, skin, etc. in humans)).

“There is an effervescence among creators of start-ups and investors around the microbiota because discoveries have multiplied over the past three years: they allow a better understanding of its role in biological regulation. This is a global trend from diagnostic to therapeutic perspective, “adds Guillaume Blivet.

In addition, REGEnLIFE is developing a new technological approach, while conventional therapeutic solutions against Alzheimer’s disease are marked by a very high level of failure. For this reason, the government has decided to stop the reimbursement, since summer 2018, of all drugs available. However, France has more than a million patients, with 225,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

REGEnLIFE was created in 2016 in Montpellier. The medtech has 12 employees, with three recruitments planned for the coming months.

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