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Located in Montpellier, France REGEnLIFE SAS is a NeuroTech dedicated to Research and Development of photomedical innovations in neurology.

REGEnLIFE’s team and partners group various professionals, experts, engineers and researchers covering a wide array of disciplines: innovative technologies, optics, photonics, electronic engineering, physics, public health, medicine, neurology and neurosciences. The target of this multidisciplinary dynamics is the research of innovative solutions for neurodegenerative diseases treatments and to improve patients’ health and quality of life.

REGEnLIFE develops an unprecedented medical technology in neurology thanks to the entire knowledge and expertise of its team and partners.


Based on the assumption that some electromagnetic emissions could represent an efficient and promising technology for the treatment of neurological disorders, REGEnLIFE has designed a novel medical technology relying heavily on photobiomodulation properties.

Photobiomodulation has displayed analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. One of its most reproducible outcome is the total reduction of inflammation, especially in the brain. This technology can therefore be recommended for neurological disorders and, potentially, for all pathologies associated with a mitochondrial dysfunction.

The discovery of beneficial effects induced by transcranial photobiomodulation on cognitive functions, neurorehabilitation and even on dementia has opened a vast horizon of therapeutic opportunities.